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     I’ve been interested in photography since high school when I had my first camera. Photography has been a hobby while I was traveling with my growing family during my 20 plus years working on airplanes for the Air Force and onto my 2nd career in aviation. My wife Noelle has always inspired me to take better photos, she takes thousands of shots of everything and even took photography in college. I thought she was the photographer in our family. So, I bought my wife a nice digital camera for her birthday a few years ago and kind of stole it. I started to carry it with me everywhere and take pictures of everything around me. I could instantly see what my photos would look like, unlike the old film cameras that I grew up on. The new cameras really sparked my interest and revived my passion for photography. Since then, I’ve engulfed myself into every article, workshop and video I could find about photography. After a few short years of all sorts of photography adventures we decided to branch out and take a few photo shoot jobs for friends and relatives. And here we are today, no professional training, just a self-taught passion for photography. If you’re in the Marlton, NJ area and want to update your family photos, send me a note or call! I love shooting outdoors during the evening sunset and find that our local lakes and fauna in the Pinelands make awesome studios.


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